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How Animation and Video Can Improve Your Internal Communications

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While it is no secret that video is integral to communication in the digital age, the sheer extent of its importance may come as something of a surprise. After all, an estimated 93% of marketers believe that video has become a pivotal communication tool, and one that is extremely effective at engaging customers.

Similarly, businesses that implement video on their website also enjoy 41% more traffic on average than those that do not, so it is also an excellent way of capturing attention and driving sustained interaction.


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What if we told you that video and animation can also be used to effectively engage stakeholders throughout your business, however? In fact, these tools can enhance the quality of your internal communications, while having a positive impact on motivation, productivity and engagement levels.

So, how exactly can video and animation improve the quality of your internal communications?

Enable Employees to Retain Information Better

The engaging nature of video and animated content can play a pivotal role in helping your employees to learn, whether they are conducting research and development or embarking on relevant training courses.

Either way, the recipients of visual content are more likely to absorb the intended message, which in turn will create a more knowledgeable team of staff members and stakeholders.

3d Animation can also bring an interactive element to learning, while bringing potentially mundane topics such as ‘compliance’ to life. This not only compels employees to optimise the learning experience, but it can also save your business money in the future by driving levels of business compliance higher.

Animated Screensavers Provide Subtle, Interior Branding

Animated Screensaver


In the quest to retain the top talent that exists within your business, it is crucial that you are able to immerse employees in your brand and its underlying philosophy. Internal branding is therefore an important and yet understated aspect of commercial communication, particularly if your business operates in a competitive marketplace.

While the use of branded colours and logos can be used throughout the building, animated screensavers should also be added to every single PC and laptop. This type of content constantly reinforces the brand and its imagery, while possibly also including some primary messaging to help drive homes its ethos as well.

Video Saves Time and Eliminates the Need for Meetings

In-person meetings account for a significant percentage of internal communication in the workplace, while emails, downloadable content and newsletters are also used to share data among employees.

Video can amalgamate much of this content in a single, interactive platform, however, while saving time and driving productivity among employees in the process. When used alongside animated 3d content and podcasts, this can create a digital communication platform that informs and positively engages staff members while affording them more time to complete their work.

Using video and 3d animated content can genuinely improve the impact of your internal communications, although you may need some technical guidance to help implement your plans.

This is where the team at come into play. We have considerable expertise in the field of 3d animation and have worked diligently with companies worldwide to improve their internal branding. So, why not get in touch with us at today, and see how we can help you ?

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