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How Visuals and Animation Continue to Impact on Website Design

Like many technology-driven disciplines, web design is evolutionary and continues to evolve in line with advancement and innovation. From the emergence of new technologies and techniques to the changing behaviour of customers, web design is a concept that continues to shift and showcase new, cutting edge trends.

While it may be fair to say that some of these trends are fleeting, however, there are others that are likely to impact on the field of web design for the longer-term. More specifically, animation and panoramic video content are likely to become increasingly commonplace aspects of website design, as businesses look to improve their online value proposition and engage customers on a deeper level.


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The Proliferation of Animation and 360-degree Content in Website Design

In terms of animation, this has been a feature of websites for a while now, although such a practice was most common among well-resourced brands with access to advanced technology. This is no longer the case, with majority of new websites creating sophisticated animation affects and using these to showcase products, educate customers and capture core, visual effects.

This is a trend that will become even more commonplace in 2017, as animation software and expertise becomes more accessible and affordable to business-owners. We are most likely to see this technology leveraged on product pages and on-site marketing drives, where brands are focused on delivering a concise message and translating complex product features into benefits that the customer can easily understand.

The same principle applies to animated tutorials and explanatory videos, which are thought to actively increase conversion rates by up to 20%.

In terms of panoramic, 360-degree videos, these have emerged as part of a wider, more universal trend concerning the publication of unique and engaging content. Capable of being fabricated entirely through virtual reality technology (or augmented using a combination of physical and virtual elements), these panoramic videos offer unique storytelling potential while also enabling design firms to showcase the complexity of their services.


Handheld Smartphone Web Browsing


Until now, these videos have been used primarily by technology firms, but we can expect it to become a more popular feature of website across multiple sectors in the months ahead. After all, video content is already thought to be equal to an estimated 1.8 million words, and the ability to explore new perspective and dimensions can create a unique proposition for your website.

Why This Will Drive Evolution, Not Revolution, in the Field of Web Design

Animation and panoramic video content are ready key contributors to the field of web design, so their increased proliferation and sophistication represent a natural evolution. More refined software and the emergence of VR-inspired panoramic video content will definitely help elevate designs to a brand new level, however, while helping websites to produce more immersive and engaging visuals.

As the knowledge and technology behind these concepts become more accessible, we will also see animation and panoramic video content become more widely integrated across a larger number of websites.

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