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3D Rendering and Traditional Marketing: A Marriage Made in Heaven?

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In the world of 3d Rendering Services, it’s a well known fact; images are more impactful than text alone when attempting to share marketing messages and narratives. In fact, research has found that coloured 3d visuals and 3d rendered imagery increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by up to 80%, while 65% of marketers believe that visual assets are central to the successful delivery of their brand’s story.

When we talk about imagery, of course, our minds are instantly drawn to photography and the type of glossy, high-resolution pictures that capture the human eye. This is particularly true in the field of traditional marketing, where still photographs often form the focal point of billboards and point of sale material.


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The Rise of Photo-realistic, 3D Rendering as a Traditional Marketing Tool

While photography remains a more than adequate visual tool, it can pose issue in terms of lighting, scaling and presenting a product or service in the best possible light. This is particularly true when attempting to scale images across various, traditional marketing platforms, as such a process can impact on resolution and diminish the overall quality of the image in question. This has created a need that technology has been able to fill, in the form of photo-realistic, 3D modelling and rendering software.

Although this technology is almost instantly associated with online and digital marketing, brands are beginning to understand the universal appeal of 3D rendering and its potential offline applications.

So, here are some examples of how photo-realistic, 3d renders can be applied to improve the impact of traditional marketing techniques: –

Introduce Tactile Marketing Through Direct Mail

In simple terms, a traditional photograph represents a two-dimension image that can struggle to capture the design advantages or core functionality of certain products. Advanced 3d renders can be easily translated into 3D product models, which can subsequently be shipped as samples to customers through traditional, direct mail.

This creates a more immersive, tactile experience for customers, who can sample a product at first hand while gaining a greater understanding of its design, purpose and the way in which specific features translate into consumer benefits. This not only increases conversion rates, but it also helps you to leverage a traditional marketing medium and optimise its reach.

Scale Images for Billboards and Posters

If you have ever used photography to create a paper or digital billboard, you will probably have experienced issues with scale. After all, billboards represent a large advertising canvas through which you can target customers, but traditional photography tends to produce images at a fixed (and relatively restrictive) size. When you do attempt to scale images, they can often lose focus and offer a decreased resolution.

This is where 3d rendering has the upper hand, as 3d photo-realistic images can be created in any size and designed specifically to suit the billboard medium. This not only underlines the quality of your brand and product propositions, but it also ensures that your visual message can be viewed and clearly understood by customers from any distance.


A Blank Billboard Display


Breathe New Life Into Glossy Magazine Promotions

Traditional marketing is probably best embodied by magazine and newspaper adverts, which can be targeted at specific audiences based on each publication’s reader profile. While this may seem a little outdated, it still has merit as a targeted advertising medium and one that can expose your products to a large and relevant audience (particularly through the popular, premium outlets that are distributed today). 

Stylish and glossy magazines provide a particularly potent marketing channel, as they are often widely-read and deliver a high quality platform for graphics. This can be leveraged with bright and premium 3D renderings, which are photo-realistic and present a product in its best possible light.

Make no mistake; the use of 3d photo-realism and three-dimensional renderings has revolutionised marketing and brought traditional techniques kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

This is also our expertise at 3drenderingservices.co.uk, making it our mission to provide creative and affordable 3d rendering services and solutions to brands and marketeers alike. If you wish to learn more, and leverage high quality 3d rendered imagery to bring your marketing proposition to life, contact 3drenderingservices.co.uk today and speak to one of our talented members of staff !

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