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How 3D Renderings Are Helping to Market Modern Smartphones

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In this modern age it is hard to separate fact from fiction when appraising mobile phones. After all, the market leading handsets remain the subject of numerous rumours prior to their release and it can be hard to distinguish between the many online whispers to determine which ones are credible.

However, this has all changed more recently with the advent of 3d rendering techniques which are increasingly being used to capture the physical design of new handsets to share with consumers.

Consequently, it is possible to confirm some rumours and disprove others, while also providing an effective marketing opportunity to leading manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple.

How the recent Galaxy S8 3d Renders Refined the Handset’s Proposition

Samsung’s highly-anticipated Galaxy S8 handset provides a relevant case in point as it has been the subject of innumerable rumours since the turn of 2017.



It was initially suggested that the S8 would feature a dual camera, while simultaneously doing away with the classic 3.5mm headphone jack as well. However, the release and distribution of several, high quality 3d renders reveal that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is unlikely to feature a dual camera and that the 3.5mm jack appears to be safe for now. The quality and photo-realism of these 3d renders also reveal more about the form of the new handset, which will evolve Samsung’s trademark ‘edge’ aesthetic further by featuring even more pronounced curves.

The 3d rendered imagery of the S8 also suggests that there are to be speaker grills both above and below the screen, highlighting the fact that the Galaxy S8 will probably have true stereo sound.

Presenting Handsets in Their Best Possible Light

While the use of high quality 3d renderings showcase handsets in their best possible light, it also presents their unique selling points that translate into direct consumer benefits. This is a crucial element of marketing which when executed at such early development stages (as with smartphones) affords brands a competitive edge, enabling them to influence the behaviour of their target audience in a positive manner.


Samsung Smartphone


The pre-release of 3d product renders also provides a natural marketing opportunity and one that offers tangible value for consumers. This is increasingly important in the modern age, where customers are increasingly sceptical of brand claims where an estimated 57% of shoppers do not trust the way in which companies utilise or present their data.

It is by leveraging organic marketing opportunities that manufacturers are able to achieve true brand success. So the type of 3d renders released by Samsung and their smartphone competitors are ideally placed to engage customers.

If you would like guidance or advice to determine how can help you market your brand more effectively, get in touch with us today and speak to a member of our talented 3d rendering services team.

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