Object VR – A Serious Interactive Design Tool and Great Online Experience

There are many different iterations of virtual reality, with numerous options to help create the ideal environment to suit your needs.

Take Object VR, for example, which is ideal for product-orientated business situations as it is built around a strong visual focal point. This allows your products to take centre stage and dominate the consumer’s attention, while also ensuring that they can be manipulated without altering the camera angle.

As a result of this, Object VR is ideal for capturing photo-realistic 3d renders that reflect your products in the best possible light, whether you are creating marketing materials or looking to develop interactive user manuals.

And just like their Panorama VR counterparts, Object VR files are often small enough to be uploaded to your website, or embedded into PDF documents along with all your other presentation material.

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Auto-rotating VR

Manual Control VR

Auto-rotate or Manual with full 360° rotation & zoom