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VR and Your Business: How Can it Help With the Everyday?

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When people talk about virtual reality (or VR to you and me), it is little wonder that their thoughts are drawn to complex technology, gaming and the deliver of 3d rendering services. After all, the market for VR and augmented reality is expected to be worth a staggering $150 billion by the end of 2020, while the technology remains relatively unknown in the mainstream market.

Make no mistake; however, VR can have a significant and far-reaching impact in your business, even when it comes to completing everyday tasks and improving operational procedures.

In this article, we will ask how VR can help with the everyday management of your business and the core service that it delivers.

VR Can Help you to Plan and Reimagine Your Office Layout

At 3drendering services, we belief that the layout of your office is central to optimising productivity. This is because an open and ergonomic layout can increase employee creativity, while it also inspires a collaborative approach that builds a stronger bond between individual teams and workers.

VR technology can be used to reimagine your office layout, as it provides an interactive platform that allows you to experiment with alternative options and perspectives. Additionally, you can leverage VR to complete a virtual walk-through of your proposed layout, making it easy to determine whether or not it is viable and capable of connecting departments that typically work together.

We have worked on a number of these projects (see below), and can testify to the benefits that virtual walk-throughs and VR technology deliver to businesses.

VR Can Revolutionise Training

While workplace training is often perceived as being dull, it plays an increasingly important role in modern businesses. It is also in-demand among the current generation of workers (particularly Millennials), with 74% of employees of the belief that they are failing to achieve their full potential at work.

This creates a key challenge for businesses; who must strive to deliver relevant and engaging training that meets the demands of their employees.

This is where VR comes into play, as it has the potential to revolution employee training by creating interactive and immersive programs of learning at a reduced long-term cost. VR also makes it possible to offer employees training on-demand, which could prove to be crucial in evolving industries where compliance laws and best practice guidelines are regularly updated. This is particularly important in the case of complex disciplines too, such as creating 3drenderings and animations.

VR Can Drive Real-time Collaboration

We have already touched on how VR can enhance your office layout and support a greater sense of collaboration in the workplace, but it can also support a superior standard of problem solving in real-time.

This is because the technology can be used to connect key employees and stakeholders in real-time, regardless of their precise geographical location. This makes it far easier to discuss projects, issues and potential solutions in person at any given time, while also making it possible to visualise talking points and arrive at more effective resolutions.

So whether you are attempting to resolve a product design issue or work out the best way of structuring a presentation, VR can serve as a flexible and accessible tool that connects key stakeholders and minimises the amount of time required to complete tasks.

So there you have it; three core benefits of applying VR in your business. If you need to know more about VR and its potential benefits in the workplace, please feel free to contact the team  at to find out more !

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